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Question 10

Discuss the effect of pressure and temperature on the adsorption of gases on solids.


Effect of pressure & temperature-


According to Le Chatelier’s principle, the magnitude of adsorption should increase with fall in temperature & since adsorption of a gas leads to decrease of pressure, the magnitude of adsorption increases with increase in pressure.If a equilibrium is subjected to a stress, the equilibrium shifts in such a way as to reduce the stress. Graphically , the variation of adsorption with pressure at given constant temperature is given by adsorption isotherm.


The relationship between magnitude of adsorption & pressure can be expressed mathematically by Freundlich Adsorption isotherm i.e  a = Kpwhere a is the amount of gas adsorbed per unit mass of adsorbent at pressure p & K & n are constant depending upon the nature of gas & adsorbent.The value of n is less than 1 & therefore a does  not increase as rapidly as p.


The effect of temperature on the extent of adsorption at a given pressure of adsorbate is given by adsorption isobar 

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