Question 3

Fill in the blanks in the following statements:
(a) To draw water from a well we have to ——— at the rope.
(b) A charged body ———— an uncharged body towards it.
(c) To move a loaded trolley we have to ———— it.
(d) The north pole of a magnet ———— the north pole of another magnet.


(a) Pull

Pull or push is simply called as force. To draw water from a well, we have to pull whereas we have to apply push force on bucket to throw it in the well.

(b) Attracts

When a charged body attracts another charged or uncharged body towards it, is called as the electrostatic force of attraction.

(c) Push

If we want to change in the direction of trolley, we have to apply either push force or pull force on it. In the pull force, the direction changes in object is same to the applying force.

(d) Repels

Magnet have two poles: North and South. Same pole repels each other whereas opposite poles of magnet attracts each other.

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