Question 2

Draw (a) a leaf, (b) a taproot and (c) a flower, you have studied for Table 7.3.


(a) Generally leaf is of green colour. Its broad part called as lamina. There are lines present on the leaf called as vein. A mid line in the leaf called as midrib. Two types of venation are found in the leaf: reticulate and parallel venation. Stem part from which the leaf is connected called as petiole.


(b) Tap root: main root of the plant called as tap root. Other smaller roots arises from the main root called as lateral roots.


(c) A flower: A flower consists of many parts like sepal, petal, stamen, pistil etc.

Sepals are of green colour which is present around the petals in the lower part of the flower. Petals are colourful which are sometimes jointed or sometimes not. Inside the petals stamen and pistil are present.

Stamen have two parts: anther and filament; and pistil have three parts: stigma style and ovary.


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