Question 4

State whether the statements given below are True or False.
(i) Stone is transparent, while glass is opaque.
(ii) A notebook has lustre while eraser does not.
(iii) Chalk dissolves in water.
(iv) A piece of wood floats on water.                                                                                                                                                                                                (v) Sugar does not dissolve in water.
(vi) Oil mixes with water.
(vii) Sand settles down in water.
(viii) Vinegar dissolves in water.



(i) False

Stone is not an transparent object because it does not allow light to pass through it. While glass is transparent because it allows light to pass through it.

       (ii) False

       This statement is false because notebook and eraser both are not metals. So, they both do not contain luster.

       (iii) False

       Chalk does not dissolve in water because if this get dissolved in water it makes colloidal solution or we can say that it makes an heterogeneous mixture.

       (iv) True

       Wood floats on water because wood have less density than water.

      (v) False

      Because sugar dissolves in water and makes a saturated solution.

      (vi) False

      It is a false statement because oil has less density than water. So oil floats on water but do not mix with water. Oils are non- polar whereas water is polar.        But both are immiscible liquids.

      (vii) True

      This statement is true because when sand mixes in water it makes colloidal solution and when this solution is left undisturbed it settles down in the                  bottom.

      (viii) True

      Because vinegar makes a homogeneous mixture or solution when mixes with water.

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