Question 2

Suggest some approaches towards the conservation of forests.


Forest conservation approaches have been given:- In- Situ conservation approach have been given for the forest conservation in natural or artificial habitat under human control like National parks, Zoological parks, Botanical gardens, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Biosphere Reserves etc. Several national conservation programs are united with the international programs like UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). In- Situ conservation is the appropriate method for the maintenance of plants and animals in their natural habitat or under the protected areas.

National park is the land reserved area and is maintained by the national government for the welfare of entire wildlife. Plantation, cultivation, grazing are not allowed. Total 103 national parks are present in India. India’s first national park was Jim Corbett National park made in 1936.

Wildlife sanctuary is an reserved area for animals only. Private ownership, minor forest products are allowed or provided that do not affect the animals. Total 548 wildlife sanctuaries are present in India.

Biosphere reserves are the specified area in which multiple use of land is permitted by dividing it into multiple zones, each zone is used for the particular activity like-

1. Core zone:- no human activity is allowed in this zone.

2. Buffer zone:- limited human activities are allowed in this zone.

3. Manipulation zone:- many human activities are allowed in this zone.

Biosphere reserves preserve wildlife population, genetic resources available of the plants and the animals.

Zoological parks or botanical garden have been made for preserving animals or plants respectively that are made for conservation of forest.

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