Question 3

Which of the following statements are “true” ?
(a) Water vapour is present in air only during the monsoon. ( )
(b) Water evaporates into air from oceans, rivers and lakes but not from the soil.( )
(c) The process of water changing into its vapour, is called evaporation.( )
(d) The evaporation of water takes place only in sunlight.( )
(e) Water vapour condenses to form tiny droplets of water in the upper layers of air where it is cooler.( )


(a) False

It is false because water vapours are present in air in every season.

(b) False

Due to high temperature, water evaporates from soil also.

(c) True

This statement is true because conversion of water into vapours is called evaporation.

(d) False

Evaporation of water also occurs on heating.

(e) True

This statement is correct because condensation is the process of conversion of water vapours into tiny droplets of water.

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