Question 5

Explain the principle of ‘Scalar Chain’ and gang plank.


The formal lines of authority from highest to lowest ranks are known as scalar chains. Fayol insists that every organization should have a chain of authority and communication that runs from top to bottom and should be strictly followed by managers and the subordinates.


In the above diagram A is the head and under A there are two lines of authorities. One line consists of B and C and another line consists of D and E. And if C wants to communicate with E who is at the same level of authority then the chain of communication will be from C – B – A – D – E. This is due to the principle of the scalar chain being followed. And this process of communication is long and it should not be violated. But in case of emergency then C can communicate with E directly and this is called gang plank. As shown in the above diagram. And this is the shorter way of communication which is provided so that communication is not delayed.

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