Question 3

Why is management considered to be a multi-dimensional concept?


Management is considered as a multi-dimensional content because management is a complex activity which has not only one but many dimensions. There we are three main dimensions of management.

a) Management of work: Any organisation exists for the performance of some work. Management translates this work in terms of goals and the way to achieve it.

b) Management of people: Human Resource is the asset of the organisation. And it is one of the important dimensions of management. This dimension is concerned with utilizing the skills and strength of the people and to work upon their weakness by providing them required training It deals with employees as an individual and as a team.

c) Management of operations: Every organisation has some basic product or service to provide for survival. And for this production process is required to get the desired output for consumption. And this dimension is interlinked with both management of work and management of people.

And that is why management is considered as a multi-dimensional concept.

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