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Question 38

Considering the elements B, Al, Mg, and K, the correct order of their metallic character is:
(a) B > Al > Mg > K
(b) Al > Mg > B > K
(c) Mg > Al > K > B
(d) K > Mg > Al > B


Boron & aluminium belongs to p block elements & are group 13 elements whereas magnesium & potassium belongs to s block elements. Potassium belongs to group 1 & magnesium belongs to group 2.The metallic character of elements decreases from left to right across a period. Thus, the metallic character of Mg is more than that of Al.The metallic character of elements increases down a group. Thus, the metallic character of Al is more than that of B.


Considering the above statements, we get K > Mg.Hence, the correct order of metallic character is K > Mg > Al > B.

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