Chapter 6 Thermodynamics

This chapter explains the terms - system and surroundings. It also helps in discriminating between close, open and isolated systems. It also gives explanation about internal energy, work and heat. It also states first law of thermodynamics and express it mathematically. Calculation of energy changes as work and heat contributions in chemical systems are also carried out. It also explains state functions - U, H along with their correlation and experimental measures. Calculation of enthalpy changes for various types of reactions can also be carried out. It also states Hess's law of constant heat summation along with its application. It also helps in differentiating between extensive and intensive properties. Definition of spontaneous and non -spontaneous processes are also given. Explanation of entropy as a thermodynamic state function and its application for spontaneity is also given. It also explains Gibbs energy change and establishes relationship between Gibbs energy change and spontaneity.    

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Exercise 1 ( Page No. : 191 )

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