Question 21

Equilibrium constant, Kc for the reaction

N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) 2NH3 (g) at 500 K is 0.061

At a particular time, the analysis shows that composition of the reaction mixture is 3.0 mol L–1 N2, 2.0 mol L–1 H2 and 0.5 mol L–1 NH3.

Is the reaction at equilibrium?

If not in which direction does the reaction tend to proceed to reach equilibrium?


The given reaction is:

                               N2 (g)     +   3H2 (g)  ↔  2NH3 (g)

at a particular time: 3.0molL-1  2.0 molL-1     0.5molL-1

Now, we know that,

Qc =  [NH3]2 / [N2][H2]3

      =  (0.5)2  / (3.0)(2.0)3

      = 0.0104

It is given that Kc = 0.061

Since,Qc ≠  Kc, the reaction mixture is not at equilibrium.

Again, Qc <  Kc, the reaction will proceed in the forward direction to reach equilibrium.

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