Question 6

Calculate the concentration of nitric acid in moles per litre in a sample which has a density, 1.41 g mL–1 and the mass per cent of nitric acid in it being 69%.


Mass of nitric acid solution = 69 g (because 69% means 69 g dissolved in 100 ml of solvent)


Density of nitric acid solution = 1.41 g/ml


Volume of nitric acid solution = mass/density= 100/1.41 = 70.92 ml


No of moles of nitric acid = mass of nitric acid/molar mass of nitric acid=69/63= 1.09


Volume of the solution = 70.92


Molarity of the solution = moles of nitric acid/volume of solution in litres


= 1.09*1000/70.92= 15.37 moles/liter


∴Concentration of nitric acid = 15.37 mol/L

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