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Question 5

Calculate the mass of sodium acetate (CH3COONa) required to make 500 mL of 0.375 molar aqueous solution. Molar mass of sodium acetate is 82.0245 g mol–1


0.375 M solution of (CH3COONa) = 0.375 moles(grams) of (CH3COONa) dissolved in 1000 ml of solvent.


But according to question ,we have to make a 500 ml solution of (CH3COONa)


∴Number of moles of sodium acetate in 500 mL



Molar mass of sodium acetate = 82.0245 g mole–1 (Given)


∴ Required mass of sodium acetate = (82.0245 g mol–1) (0.1875 mole)


= 15.38 g



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