Question 30

A certain salt X, gives the following results.

(i) Its aqueous solution is alkaline to litmus.

(ii) It swells up to a glassy material Yon strong heating.

(iii) When conc. H2SO4 is added to a hot solution of X, white crystal of an acid Z separates out.

Write equations for all the above reactions and identify X, Y and Z.


The given salt is alkaline to litmus. Therefore, Xis a salt of a strong base and a weak acid. Also, when Xis strongly heated, it swells to form substance Y. Therefore, Xmust be borax.

When borax is heated, it loses water and swells to form sodium metaborate. When heating is continued, it solidifies to form a glassy material Y. Hence, Ymust be a mixture of sodium metaborate and boric anhydride.


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