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Question 2

Give an example of a double displacement reaction other than the one given in activity 1.10.


     Pb(NO3)2 (aq)      +       2KI (aq)               →          PbI2 (s)           +          2KNO3 (aq)
     Lead Nitrate             Potassium Iodide                  Lead Iodide                Potassium Nitrate

When the aqueous solution of lead Nitrate is mixed with potassium Iodide, we obtain a precipitate of lead iodide and a solution of potassium nitrate. In double ddisplacement reaction their is exchange of ions between the reactant. In this reaction, the cation Pb2+ and K+ exchange their anions NO3- and I- to give new substance PbI2 and KNO3.

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