Question 2

Match items in column A with those in column B.
               A                                       B
  (i) Kharif crops                    (a) Food for cattle
  (ii) Rabi crops                     (b) Urea and super phosphate
  (iii) Chemical fertilisers       (c) Animal excreta, cow dung urine and plant waste
  (iv) Organic manure           (d) Wheat, gram, pea
                                             (e) Paddy and maize


Column A                                          Column B

(i) Kharif crops                                  (e) Paddy and maize

(ii) Rabi crops                                   (d) Wheat, gram, pea

(iii) Chemical fertilisers                     (b) Urea and super phosphate

(iv) Organic manure                         (c) Animal excreta, cow dung, urine and plant waste

  • Kharif crops are generally sown in rain season. For example: Paddy and maize.
  • Crops grown in the winter season are called Rabi crops. For example: Wheat, gram, pea etc.
  • To protect the crops from insecticides or pesticides, chemical fertilizers should be used like urea and super sulfate.
  • Organic manure is made up of decomposition of biodegradable waste like animal excreta, cow dung, urine and plant waste.

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