Question 5

(a)Collect different kinds of packaging material. What was the purpose for which each one was used? Discuss in groups.
(b) Give an example in which packaging could have been reduced?
(c) Write a story on how packaging increases the amount of garbage.



  1. Paper pocket: used for keeping light weight items.
  2. Cardboard pocket: used to keep crockery and other heavy items.
  3. Glass cover sheets: it is used to decorate or used as show pieces.
  4. Wooden box: it is used to keep delicate items like fruits etc.
  5. Iron box: it is used to keep clothes and any other items.


(b) Packaging could be reduced in clothing, toys and shoes because sometimes packaging of some materials are heavy according to the requirements of packing of items. So, it can be reduced. We can simply use paper bags instead of using plastic bags.

(c) Packaging increases the amount of garbage. We use packing materials as to wrap gifts, clothes, shoes, vegetables and many more examples are there. After using the item we just throw that wrapped papers in the dustbin; after this which is no use. If we are shifting somewhere then we pack our whole crockery, clothes and other things in the plastic bags and after using we just throw them. So, here we can see that the amount of garbage increases due to packing. We should avoid this as far as possible.

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