Question 1

What do you understand by the word brand? List two reasons why building brands is central to advertising?



A brand is known among the very important assets of a company.  The organization’s especial identity is displayed by it, the individual mark, banner or sign linked with the company. In present, brand also refers to the company thus they become one and the same.

Complete solution:

When an organization wants to resolve on the media persona of a product, brand identity must be identified or how it wants to be seen. A brand name, in case, also includes the message, sign, or product given by the business. Thus, to make the brand noticeable and attracting the customer. To come up with image for the visual aspects of a brand, such as a symbol, the company generally associates with a design firm.

In order to make it different from other goods , a specific name or sign is stamped over it. Two reasons why brand design is important to ads are:

- It establishes a good image of the product in consumer's mind and thus convincing them to consume it.

- The product must be diffrent from the local or other competing goods in the market. A good brand perfectly describes the message that the business is trying to make by increasing brand awareness and what it aims to provide. On the other hand, an ineffective brand, sometimes results from misunderstanding. The business is said to have established brand value once a brand has built positive image in its audience mind.


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