Question 2

Choose two of your favourite print advertisements. Now, look at each of these and answer the following questions:  

a.What visuals and text are being used in these advertisements to attract my attention? 

 b.What values are being promoted in these advertisements? 

c.Who is this advertisement speaking to and who is it leaving out?  d.If you could not afford the brand that is being advertised, how would you feel?



 "Campaign Against Illiteracy" and "Bournvita" are the advertisements I have selected. 

a. Colors and text in bold font were used in the advertisement for Bournvita. The advertisement for the campaign against illiteracy  uses colors to focus on the product. 

b. The campaign against illiteracy focuses on importance of giving basic facilities to people. The Bournvita ad focuses on the necessity to remain healthy and full of energy at the a time.  

c. These advertisements for the campaign against illiteracy and Bournvita are made for those who can understand English, but are said to be meant for all people.  

d. I would feel neglected if I could not manage to engage in the campaign against illiteracy or consume Bournvita as I connect with both the advertisements and message given by them.


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