NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 science covers all the questions given in the NCERT book. You can study and download these question and their solutions free from this page. These solutions are solved by our specialists at, that will assist all the students of respective boards, including CBSE, who follows NCERT; with tackling all the questions easily. We give chapter wise complete solutions for your straightforwardness.

  • Chapter 1 Matter in Our Surroundings

    This chapter explains about how a small particle constitue to form matter into different forms like solid, liquid and gases. Matter is that substance that occupies space have mass and volume. Various forms of matter exhibit different properties how the particle are interacted. Lets read more about matter.

  • Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure

    In the previous chapter we had discussed matters. In this chapter we will explore more about pure substance and mixture. What are their properties, how different mixtures of substance can be separated what makes them together.

  • Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules

    Atom (Parmanu) is the basic unit for the chemicals or it better to say that existence of everything around us. If we look in our surrounding we see a lot of thing each and every part is made of atom of different element. We will understand how atom of an element exist all about it mass and properties and what what make them to form molecule and compound.

  • Chapter 4 Structure of the Atom

    Until the structure of atom reveals it was thought atom are indivisible but as the modern technology is advancing more and more. We came to know that these atoms are made of subparticle and they together form an atom. An atom contain positive and negative charges, but yet is electrically stable.

  • Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life

    As the name of the chapter justify the cell is fundamental unit of life. As a house is made of thousand and million af brick similarly all organisms are made as these cell which perform all vital functions for our body. Together they form tissue then organ and organ system then a complete body cells have capability to divide and again form new cell to maintain continuity.

  • Chapter 6 Tissues

    A group of cell that perform similar function are tissue. In a organism how a very minute cell control and coordinate to perform similar function is all about the origin of living organism. Plants and animals are made of different tissue thats why plant are hard to touch but animals are soft. Let's read more of different types of tissues how they organise to form different organs.

  • Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organisms

    We all have seen varieties of organisms in our surroundings. These creatures are nothing but diversity. How these organisms evolve is still a mystery but evolution explains that due to change in environment the organism adapted according to change that lead to formation of species. In this chapter we will reveal more about taxonomy of organisms given by many scientists so let's get more knowledge of this wonderful world with varieties of organisms.

  • Chapter 8 Motion

    We have seen things around us moving but we don't understand the physics behind this. Motion is due to speed, velocity, acceleration. In this chapter we will deal with these term and try to understand the concept and its physics.

  • Chapter 9 Force and Laws of Motion

    We have all heard about the great scientist Newton, he’s proposed different laws to explain motion. In this chapter we will discuss momentum and its effect with example. Conservation of momentum that means momentum can neither be created nor be destroyed.

  • Chapter 10 Gravitation

    We all know the earth revolve around sun and it rotate on its own axis yet we don't feel the rotation and very surprising that we are on the crust yet we don't fall on space. This is all due to gravitation force, which holds every object on earth. Newton once saw apple falling down the tree, Question arises why this apple falls down not raised up word and small curiosity gives the concept of gravity.

  • Chapter 11 Work and Energy

    From very previous class we have learnt about work, that is the ability to do work. But these are many situation where work done is said to be zero. Satellites revolving around earth is the best example. In this chapter we will discuss about when the work done is positive, negative and zero and various forms of energy.

  • Chapter 12 Sound

    Sensation of hearing is sound with our ears we can listen different kind of sound and even we understand the difference between them but we don't know actual science behind the sound so this chapter make us cleare how of sound originate, it propagates, its quality and many more. You may have also heard the animals like elephant dogs etc can feel natural calamities like earthquake before it commencement what the reason behind this lets understand.

  • Chapter 13 Why Do We Fall ill

    Health is the condition of the body when the body is fit in all aspects like physical, mental, social etc. This healthy condition can be interrupted by many pathogen and leads to disease which may communicable, non communicable, congenital. Here we will learn and understand what are causative organism how we can prevent from disease. Our immunity plays very important role let’s try to understand.

  • Chapter 14 Natural Resources

    Resources are the substance that fulfill our need some of these resources are naturally obtained and maintained by biogeochemical cycles. In this we will cover different topics such as how wind occurs. Why the atmosphere is very important for survival of life on earth and how it is different from the venus atmosphere. This is very exciting chapter which explains how biotic and abiotic components interact and maintain balance of earth. If these resource are used in excess they will vanish and remain for our future generalisation.

  • Chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources

    India is second largest populated country to fulfil the daily need like food many improvement programme are launched so that demand can be completely solved and food should be supplied to each one. Different modern technologies are implemented to avoid chemical dependency with high yielding effects. Biotechnology is area where researches are going better and better so that quality and quantity of both animal and plant products can be enhanced.

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