Question 6

Fig 8.11 shows the distance-time graph of three objects A,B and C. Study the graph and answer the following questions:

          Fig. 8.11

(a) Which of the three is travelling the fastest?
(b) Are all three ever at the same point on the road?
(c) How far has C travelled when B passes A?
(d) How far has B travelled by the time it passes C?


(a) Object B
(b) No
(c) 5.714 km
(d) 5.143 km


From the graph, it is clear B covers more distance in less time. Therefore, B is the fastest 

(b) All three objects A, B and C never come at the same point .

(c) On the distance axis:

7 small boxes = 4 km

∴1 small box = 4 / 7 km

Initially, object C is 4 blocks away from the origin.

∴Initial distance of object C from origin= 16 / 7 

Distance of object C from origin when B passes A = 8 km

Distance covered by C 

Hence, C has travelled a distance of 5.714 km when B passes A.

(d)  Distance covered by B at the time it passes C = 9 boxes

Hence, B has travelled a distance of 5.143 km when B passes C.

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