Question 1

Explain the qualities of a good leader? Do the qualities alone ensure leadership success?


It is said that certain qualities or traits possessed by individuals help them to become successful leaders. These qualities are:

1. Physical qualities: A good leader must possess a good height, weight, health and appearance. Health and endurance help a leader to work hard and inspire others also to do so.

2. Knowledge: A good leader should have required knowledge and competence, so that he can influence others.

3. Integrity: A leader should possess a high level of integrity and honesty, so that he can be a role model to others.

4. Initiative: A leader should have courage and initiative to do things on their own, rather than waiting for others to do it first.

5. Communication skills: A leader should be a good communicator. He should be able to clearly explain his views to others. He should not only be a good speaker, but a good listener, teacher and counselor.

6. Motivation skills: A leader should understand the needs of his employees and motivate them by satisfying their needs.

7. Self-confidence: A leader should have a high level of confidence. He should not lose confidence even in the most difficult times.

8. Decisiveness: A leader must be decisive in the sense that once he has taken a decision, he should be firm on it.

9. Social skills: A leader should be sociable and friendly with his colleagues and followers, so that he can understand them and their needs.

Though the above qualities are required for being a good leader but by having only these qualities don’t ensure successful leadership. And also all these qualities cannot be present in a single person. So, a conscious effort should be made by the managers to acquire them.

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