Question 7

Ms. Jayshree recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. A few months from now a large steel manufacturing company appointed her as its human resource manager. As of now, the company employs 800 persons and has an expansion plan in hand which may require another 200 persons for various types of additional requirements. Ms. Jayshree has been given complete charge of the company’s Human Resource Department.


a. Point out, what functions is she supposed to perform?
b. What problems do you foresee in her job?
c. What steps is she going to take to perform her job efficiently?
d. How significant is her role in the organisation?


a. Ms. Jayshree as HR manager is required to perform the following functions:

  • Recruitment.
  • Prepare job description.
  • Preparing compensation and incentive plans. 4) Arranging training programmes.
  • Making welfare schemes for employees.
  • Handling grievances of employees.
  • Handling labour dispute.

b. She may face the following problems:

  • Properly qualified candidates may not be available.
  • Demand for wages may go higher.
  • After providing training, the workers may leave the organisation.
  • Trade unions may bring unreasonable demands.

c. Following steps can be taken by her to perform her job efficiently:

  • She should make use of all the possible sources of recruitment.
  • She should frequently consult the experts and also observe the policies followed by competitors to recruit and retain the workforce.
  • Maintaining cordial relationships with trade unions and encouraging them to act as one big family.

d. Her role is very significant in the organisation. She is a Human Resource Manager and concerned with timely procurement of competent manpower and ensuring its effective and efficient utilization, so as to survive along with the three main objectives; organisational, individual and societal.

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