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Question 17

For the reaction at 298 K,

2A + B → C

ΔH = 400 kJ mol-1and ΔS = 0.2 kJ K-1mol-1

At what temperature will the reaction become spontaneous considering ΔH and ΔS to be constant over the temperature range?


From the expression,


Assuming the reaction at equilibrium, ΔTfor the reaction would be:

T = (ΔH - ΔG) ΔS

T = ΔH ΔS  (ΔG = 0 at equilibrium)

= 400 kJ mol-1 /  0.2 kJ K-1mol-1

T= 2000 K

For the reaction to be spontaneous, ΔG must be negative. Hence, for the given reaction to be spontaneous, T should be greater than 2000 K.

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