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Biological Classification

At Saralstudy, we are providing you with the solution of Class 11th biology Biological Classification according to the latest NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines prepared by expert teachers. Here we are trying to give you a detailed answer to the questions of the entire topic of this chapter so that you can get more marks in your examinations by preparing the answers based on this lesson. We are trying our best to give you detailed answers to all the questions of all the topics of Class 11th biology Biological Classification so that you can prepare for the exam according to your own pace and your speed.

A few letter word diversity is itself a huge variation of a living creature. Have you ever thought of the life form that surrounds us? This is the beauty of nature. In this chapter we will focussed an the R.H. Whittaker biological classification of living organisms. He classified it into 5 kingdoms monera, protista, fungi, plantae and animalia. Here some are microscopic and some are huge but all are living creatures. Whereas no place in biological classification for viruses. What does this mean do viruses non living. You have heard of different viral diseases that mean they have a tendency to multiply with living cells. This is because viruses when outside the host they are non living but when comes in contact with the host body it becomes living. This is a peculiar feature of the virus.

Exercise 1