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Question 14

Arrange the following in the decreasing order (most important first) of their importance, for the welfare of human society. Give reasons for your answer.
Biogas, Citric acid, Penicillin and Curd


The order of arrangement of products according to their decreasing importance is:

Penicillin- Biogas − Citric acid − Curd

Penicillin is the most important product for the welfare of human society. It is an antibiotic, which is used for controlling various bacterial diseases. The second most important product is biogas. It is an eco-friendly source of energy. The next important product is citric acid, which is used as a food preservative. The least important product is curd, a food item obtained by the action oflactobacillus bacteria on milk. 

Hence, the products in the decreasing order of their importance are as follows:

Penicillin- Biogas − Citric acid − Curd

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