Question 3

If an organisation does not provide the right place for physical and human resources in an organisation, which principle is violated? What are the consequences of it?


In the above case the principle that is violated is the principle of order. Principle of order doesn’t mean command, it actually means orderliness. According to this principle the right person should be at the right place and the right thing should be placed at the right place. If everything will be at the right place then there will be no hindrance in the activities of business. And this will increase efficiency and productivity.

The consequences of violation of this principles are:

1. Wastage of time and energy if the men and materials are not placed at the right place then in searching for the right men and materials give rise to wastage of time and energy.

2. If the men and material are not placed in an organized manner then not be able to contact the right person at the right time or when required.

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