Question 25

Describe the change in hybridisation (if any) of the Al atom in the following reaction.


Here in the given equation AlCl3 , Al is shifting its hybridization state from sp2 to sp3 because if we see the electronic configuration of Al it is [Ne] 3s2 3p1, i.e it has 3 electrons in its valence shell during ground state.In its excited state its one s orbital & two p orbitals will take part in hybridization to form sp2 hybrid orbital.

The orbital picture of aluminium in the excited state can be represented as:

Now according to the given reaction the product formed AlCl4- , will only be formed if its 3pz orbital is also filled by one electron in its excited state to form a sp3 hybrid orbital .therefore Al will shift its hybridization form sp2 to sp3 to form a tetrahedral shape

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