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Question 6

What is the role of saliva in the digestion of food?


Human digestive system includes various glands and salivary gland is one of them. Saliva is secreted by salivary gland located under the tongue which helps in the digestion of food and it contains water, salts, mucin and some enzymes salivary amylase or ptyalin. PH is neutral i.e, 6.7. about 1.5 litres saliva and mucus are secreted in every 24 hours in the buccal cavity. Salivation activation depends on the smell, idea and imagination of food.

Role of saliva:

  1. Saliva moistens food and this changes it into the semisolid mass for easily swallowing and moisten of food allows stimulation of taste buds.
  2. Salvia moistens and burnish (lubrication) the buccal mucosa, tongue and lips which makes speech or fluent speaking possible.
  3. Its pH is neutral 6.7 and acidity is very low, so this prevents tooth decay. 
  4. It contains many salivary enzymes which kills many bacteria that are present in the buccal cavity with the food.

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