Question 10

What would be the consequences of a deficiency of haemoglobin in our bodies?


Blood has components- Red blood corpuscles, White blood corpuscles, platelets and Plasma. Red blood cells are the most abundant cells in the human body and they contain an oxygen- carrying pigment, the haemoglobin, in their cytoplasm. Haemoglobin is a conjugated protein, consists of globin and contains a non- protein group called heme; hence the name haemoglobin is given. Due to high partial pressure of the oxygen in the lungs, haemoglobin takes up the oxygen molecules and changes up into the bright red colour of the pigment, called Oxyhaemoglobin; and transport oxygen to the blood cells. 

The deficiency of haemoglobin in our body affects the oxygen uptake capacity of blood and this can lead to the deficiency of oxygen in the cells. By this deficiency, it leads to the disease anemia. Anemia can be caused by many reasons including loss of oxygen, loss of blood, destruction of red blood cells or failure in formation of blood etc.

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