Question 5

Show with the help of a sketch that the plants are the ultimate source of food.


1. Carnivores: Those organisms which eats mostly meat, or the flesh of other animals are carnivores. carnivores are also called as predators which feeds on prey. Examples of carnivores: lion, Tiger (they both are top predators or carnivores), Wolf etc.

2. Herbivore: Those organisms which feeds only on plants are called herbivores. Many herbivores have special digestive systems that let them to digest almost all kinds of plants, including grasses which contains very hard part to digest like cellulose. Examples of herbivores: Cow, Deer, Buffalo etc.

3. Decomposers: Those organisms which depends on dead organisms. They helps in the decomposition to the organic material. For examples: Bacteria, Fungi.

4. Solar Energy: Solar power is energy from the sun that converts thermal energy to the electrical energy.

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