Question 6

Fill in the blanks:
(a) Green plants are called _________________ since they synthesise their own food.
(b) The food synthesised by the plants is stored as _________________.
(c) In photosynthesis solar energy is captured by the pigment called ___________.
(d) During photosynthesis plants take in ______________________ and release __________________.


(a) Autotrophs
The mode of nutrition in which organisms make their food themselves from simple substances is called autotrophic nutrition. Hence, the plants that makes their own food are called autotrophs. There is a green pigment that are found in leaves of plants are called chlorophyll, which helps plants to capture sunlight and this energy is used to synthsis food from carbon dioxide and water.

(b) Starch
During photosynthesis oxygen gets released and the food is stored in leaves. Starch is a carbohydrate. The presence of starch in leaves indicates the occurrence of photosynthesis which can also be prooved by the iodine test.

(c) Chlorophyll
The green pigment present in the surface of the leaves is known as chlorophyll. It helps leaves to capture to the sunlight which can then be used to prepare food.

(d) CO2 , O2
During photosynthesis plants take CO2 and release O2 gas.

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