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Chapter 17 Forests: Our Lifeline

  • Forest is a place where different types of plants and animals lives.
  • Different types of food is obtained from the plants.
  • An animal or a plant where they live called their habitat.
  • Climbs have weak stem, with the support of other plant, they climb up on them.
  • Creepers spread all over the ground.
  • Micro- organisms decompose the organic waste and convert them into compost. This is called as humus.
  • The micro- organisms which decompose dead and decaying organic matter are known as decomposers.
  • Animals and plants help each other by exchange of gases.
  • Forests are also known as the lungs.
  • The branches of tall trees look like a roof over the other plants in forests is called canopy.
  • The skin part of trees with branches is known as the crown.
  • Cutting down of forests is called deforestation.
  • The process of getting back a full organism from its body parts is called regeneration.
  • Removal of top layer of the soil by water or wind is known as soil erosion.
  • The layer of vegetation grows under the shade of a canopy, then the forest is known as understory.

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