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Question 3

Which of the following are environment-friendly practices?

(a) Carrying cloth-bags to put purchases in while shopping
(b) Switching off unnecessary lights and fans
(c) Walking to school instead of getting your mother to drop you on her scooter
(d) All of the above


All of the above.

If we carry cloth- bags to put purchases while shopping, we can deny the use of polythene bags that is provided by the shopkeepers because polythene is a non- biodegradable substance. We should switch off the unnecessary lights or fans for the conservation of energy, light and the bill. And, at last if we prefer walking instead of getting our mother to drop on scooter, we can minimise the use of petrol or diesel or can contribute in reducing the air pollution that is released by the vehicles, gases release like CO2. So, all of the above options contribute in environment- friendly practices.  

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