Question 4

Indicate the type of climate of the following areas:

(a) Jammu and Kashmir: _________________________________
(b) Kerala: ____________________________________________
(c) Rajasthan: __________________________________________
(d) North-east India: _____________________________________


(a) Jammu and Kashmir- The climate of Jammu region is moderate because in winters temperature become too low and in summers temperature becomes too high; whereas in Kashmir region the climate is quite pleasant. 

(b) Kerala-  Kerala has also quite and pleasant weather throughout the year. It contains humidity with average temperature 37ºC throughout the year.

(c) Rajasthan: The climate of Rajasthan is generally arid or semi-arid, is also an desert area which receives very less rainfall and contains high temperature or low humidity. 

(d) North-east India- The climate of North-east India is moderate. They have cool summers and cold winters; for example: Mizoram. North-east shows the tropical climate. 

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