Question 8

Differentiate between the followings:
(a) Repetitive DNA and Satellite DNA
(b) mRNA and tRNA
(c) Template strand and Coding strand


(a) Repetitive DNA and satellite DNA

Repetitive DNA

Satellite DNA


Repetitive DNA are DNA sequences that contain small segments, which are repeated many times.

Satellite DNA are DNA sequences that contain highly repetitive DNA.


(b) mRNA and tRNA




mRNA or messenger RNA acts as a template for the process of transcription.

tRNA or transfer RNA acts as an adaptor molecule that carries a specific amino acid to mRNA for the synthesis of polypeptide.


It is a linear molecule.

It has clover leaf shape.

(c) Template strand and coding strand

Template strand

Coding strand


Template strand of DNA acts as a template for the synthesis of mRNA during transcription.

Coding strand is a sequence of DNA that has the same base sequence as that of mRNA (except thymine that is replaced by uracil in DNA).


It runs from 3’ to 5’.

It runs from 5’to 3’.


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