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Question 36

Compare the relative stability of the following species and indicate their magnetic properties:

O2,O2+,O2- (superoxide), O22-(peroxide)


The stability of following species can be decided on the basis of bond order as follows:

O2 : KK

Bond order =1/2(Nb-Na)

= 1/2(8-4)

= 2 = Paramagnetic


Similarly, the electronic configuration of O2+ can be written as:

Bond order of  O2= 1/2(8-3)

= 2.5 = paramagnetic


Electronic configuration of O2- ion will be:

Bond order of = 1/2(8-5)

= 1.5 = paramagnetic


Electronic configuration of O22- ion will be:

Bond order of O22- =1/2(8-6) = 1  diamagnetic


The larger the bond order,greater is the stability

Therefore the stability decreases as O2> O2 > O2- > O22-.

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