Question 10

Classify the following into elements, compounds and mixtures.

(a) Sodium
(b) Soil
(c) Sugar solution
(d) Silver
(e) Calcium carbonate
(f) Tin
(g) Silicon
(h) Coal
(i) Air
(j) Soap
(k) Methane
(l) Carbon dioxide
(m) Blood


Elements: Elements cannot break in similar particles because it is also a similar particle. e.g. fe, H etc. Sodium, Silver, Tin, Silicon 

Compound: When two or more than two elements are chemically combined known as compound. eg.: H2O. Calcium carbonate, Methane, Carbon Dioxide.

Mixture: It is a physical combination of two or more substances because there is no chemical reactions occur between them. Soil, Sugar Solution, Coal, Air, Soap, Blood.

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