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Question 4

Explain the following giving examples.

(a) saturated solution
(b) pure substance
(c) colloid
(d) suspension


(a)  A solution in which no more solute can be dissolved at a particular temperature. i.e. it contains the maximum amount of salute. Example: an aqueous sugŠ°r solution in which more sugar cannot be added.

(b) The substance which is formed by only one kind of particle and having a constant. Composition of chemicals and characteristics. Properties throughout the sample. Example :- sugar and salt contains only one kind of particle and have the name composition throughout.

(c) It is a heterogeneous mixture having salute size greater than Ihm and smaller than 100 mm. They can scatter beams of light passing through. Example :-  in milk, rubber, clouds etc. 

(d) These are heterogenous mixtures of solids dispersed in liquids. The solute particles are insoluble and remain suspended throughout the bulk of medium. the solute size is greater than 100 mm. Example - dust article in air, muddy water etc


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