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Question 12

Fig. 13.15 shows the distance-time graph for the motion of two vehicles A and B. Which one of them is moving faster?

                                                 motion and time

                           Fig. 13.15 Distance-time graph for the motion of two cars



This graph shows that vehicle A is moving faster than B.

Speed     =    Distance travelled                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Time

Vehicle A is faster that can be explained by drawing a perpendicular line along to the time. This perpendicular line cuts the B line at point b and A line is cut by the point a.

  • Now compare point a and point b. Point a shows that more distance covered in time t. Point b shows less distance covered with respect to time. Now it is evident that, from the graph in the given time t, distance covered by A is more than B.


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