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Question 5

Given below is a sequence of steps in the processing of wool. Which are the missing steps? Add them.
Shearing, __________, sorting, __________, __________, _________.


Scouring, Cleaning of burrs, Dyeing, making of yarn.

In the rearing and breeding, process of shearing is done then the sheared skin with hair is washed in tanks to remove the dirt and dust. This process is known as scouring. After scouring, sorting is done. In this, the hairy skin is then sent to the factories where the different textures of hair are separated. After sorting, the small fluffy fibres called burrs are picked out from the hair then the fibres are scoured again and dried. Then the fibres can be dyes in various colours and send to the market. Making of yarn, in this the fibres are straightened, combed and rolled into the yarn. then, the longer fibres are made into wool for the sweaters and the shorter fibres are spun and woven into woolen clothes. 

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