Question 8

Match the words of Column I with those given in Column II:
Column I                         Column II
1. Scouring                      (a) Yields silk fibres
2. Mulberry leaves           (b) Wool yielding animal
3. Yak                              (c) Food of silk worm
4. Cocoon                        (d) Reeling
                                        (e) Cleaning sheared skin


Column I                              Column II
1. Scouring                      (e) Cleaning sheared skin
2. Mulberry leaves           (c) Food of silk worm
3. Yak                              (b) Wool yielding animal
4. Cocoon                        (a) Yields silk fibres

Scouring is the process in which the sheared skin with hair is thoroughly washes in tanks to remove greece, dirt and dust that is done by machines. The cultivation of Muberry plants for the feeding of silkmoth, are called Moriculture. We obtain wool from the Yak also. Yak wool is common in Tibbat and Ladakh. Cocoon is the hard protective covering which is made up of proteins around the pupa. Silk yarn is obtained from the cocoon of the silk moth. Most common silkmoth is the mulberry silk moth.  

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