Question 12

Why is it necessary to excrete waste products?


We eat food, drink water for the energy and breathe in air. When our body uses food, water and air, it produces some unwanted substances which are known as waste materials. These waste materials are very toxic for our body. The waste materials must be excreted out from the body so that a person may stay healthy. The removal of waste materials that is produced in the cells of the organisms is called excretion. The various waste materials produced in the cells of the human body are: Carbon dioxide, Urea, Urine and Sweat etc. that has to be excreted out on time. The human body has many organs for the removal of nitrogenous wastes from the body like lungs (for the removal of excess of CO2), Kidneys (for removal of urea, urine etc.) and Sweat glands (for the removal of sweat) etc.

Yes, it is necessary to remove the waste material from the body to stay healthy.

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