Question 9

Why is blood needed by all the parts of a body?


Blood is needed by all the parts of our body because it performs the following important functions in our body and also known as the ‘river of life’:

1. Blood helps in the transportation of food by the plasma from the alimentary canal and liver to all the parts of the body for growth, repair and energy.

2. Blood carries water to all the parts of the body and water balance regulation occurs which is important in the metabolic processes.

3. Blood component; RBCs carries oxygen bound to haemoglobin as the oxyhaemoglobin from the lungs to the tissues for oxidation of food to release energy.

4. Blood component plasma; collects the carbon dioxide from the body tissues and carries it to the lungs for breathing out from the body.

5. Blood component plasma; carries a waste product such as urea, uric acid and creatinine from the liver and other tissues to the kidneys for excretion in urine.

6. Blood protects the body from diseases because it contains white blood cells that kills bacteria and other germs. They act as the soldiers, scavengers and builders of the body.

7. Blood helps in the regulation of body temperature.

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