Question 4

Take three test-tubes. Fill æth of each with water. Label them A, B and C. Keep a snail in test-tube A, a water plant in test-tube B and in C, keep snail and plant both. Which test-tube would have the highest concentration of CO2?


test tubes

Three test-tubes are taken and labelled A, B and C. Each test- tube is half filled with water.
(a) In test-tube A, a snail is kept,
(b) In test-tube B, a water plant is kept, and
(c) In test-tube C contains both a snail and a water plant.

(a) Test-tube A contains a snail in water. The snail will use up oxygen for respiration and produce carbon dioxide.
(b) Test-tube B contains a ‘water plant’ in water. The water plant will do photosynthesis by using carbon dioxide and water and produce oxygen. The water plant will use some of this oxygen for respiration and produce carbon dioxide will then be used by the plant in photosynthesis.
(c) Test-tube C contains both, a snail and a water plant. The carbon dioxide produced by the snail through the respiration is used by the plant for the synthesis of food and oxygen is released by the plant which is used by the snail for the respiration.

From the above, we conclude that the test-tube A containing only snail will have the highest concentration of carbon dioxide because there is no plant to use up the carbon dioxide produced during the respiration in snail.

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