Question 7

How does the process of fertilisation take place in flowers?


The process of fusion of gametes of male and female (egg) to form the diploid zygote in the embryo sac is called fertilization.

Fertilization takes place as follows: The pollen generally germinates on the stigma. When a pollen grains falls on the stigma of the pistil then the pollen grains grows a pollen tube into downward direction through the style towards the female gametes in the ovary. A male gamete are carried to the egg by the pollen tube and enters the ovule in the ovary. The tip of pollen tube bursts out and male gametes comes out of pollen tube or gets spreads out. In ovary, the male gametes of pollen fuses with the female gamete present in ovule to form the ‘zygote’ then zygote develops into the embryo sac; this process is known as siphonogamy. Embryo is that part of a seed that develops into the new plant.

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