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Question 6

Write the favourable factors for the formation of ionic bond.


Ionic bond is a type of chemical bond which involves the transfer of one or more electrons from one ion to another ions of opposite charges.The ion which gains an electron is called as anions, whereas the ion which has loose an electron is called as cation.Mostly the cations are metals & anions are non metal.For eg

Na + Cl → Na+ + Cl → NaCl


Hence, favourable factors for ionic bond formation are as follows:

(i) Low ionization enthalpy of metal atom.

(ii) The two ion must be different & should possess opposite charge

(iii) High electron gain enthalpy (Δeg H) of a non-metal atom.

(iv) High lattice energy of the compound formed.

(v) The electron negativity between two ions should be greater than1.7

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