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Question 6

Arrange the following polymers in increasing order of their intermolecular forces.
(i) Nylon 6, 6, Buna-S, Polythene.
(ii) Nylon 6, Neoprene, Polyvinyl chloride.


Polymers can  be classified on the basis of molecular forces like vander waals forces, hydrogen bonds & dipole dipole interactions.They are classified as :

1 elastomers- they have elastic character & have weak intermolecular forces.Eg natural rubber

2 Fibres- thay have strong hydrogen bond or dipole dipole interactions between polymers chain.Eg nylon 66

3 Thermoplastics- they have intermolecular forces intermediate between elastomers & fibres.Eg polythene

4 Thermosetting polymers- they undergoes permanent change on heating.Eg bakelite

(i) Buna − S < polythene < Nylon 6, 6

(ii) Neoprene < polyvinyl chloride < Nylon 6

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