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Question 3

A 44 mH inductor is connected to 220 V, 50 Hz ac supply. Determine the rms value of the current in the circuit.


Inductance of inductor, L = 44 mH = 44 × 10-3 H

Supply voltage, V = 220V

Frequency, ν = 50Hz

Angular frequency, \[\begin{align}\omega = 2\pi v\end{align}\]

Inductive reactance, \begin{align}X_{L}= \omega L = 2\pi vL = 2\pi\times50\times44\times10^{-3} \Omega\end{align}

Rms value of current is given as:

\begin{align}I = \frac{v}{X_{L}}\end{align}

\begin{align} = \frac{220}{2\pi\times50\times44\times 10^{-3}} =15.92A\end{align}

Hence, the rms value of current in the circuit is 15.92 A.

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