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Question 8

Explain the function of bar screens in a wastewater treatment plant.


A place where wastewater from houses and other building like industrial area is brought for processing is called wastewater treatment plant. Waste-water treatment plant can be written as WWTP. The wastewater treatment plant is also called sewage treatment plant. In a wastewater treatment plant, bar screen removes large solid components from water. The wastewater is allowed to pass through bar screen so that large solid components like rags, napkins, sticks, cans, plastic bags, polythene etc. present in wastewater can then be removed. These bar screens can then be used as a primary filtration method in the waste water treatment plants.

The bar screen is a kind of mechanical filter and is used in the waste water treatment plant to remove the bigger and larger impurities or contaminants that leads to pollution like plastics or used cups, etc. After removal of larger impurities, it becomes easy to treat the water to get rid of the smaller impurities or impurities mixed in water with the help of chemical treatment.

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